INI A/S  Whistleblower


Help us fight corruption and company violations. Each report on violations are important tools to help prevent economic loss and damage to our reputation. With your help we can secure our integrity and credibility.

The whistleblower system is not to be used to state false accusations against individuals. No report may contain deliberate false information.

You can choose to stay anonymous in your report. We do encourage you to reveal your identity in your report.

All reports are handled confidentially.

What can be reported?

You can report on severe violations, e.g.:

  • Economic violations, including bribe, fraud, forgery, etc.
  • Irregularities on internal and external auditing.
  • Environmental pollution.
  • Violations of work environment regulations.
  • Severe violations against an individual, such as violence or sexual assault.

Note that dissatisfaction regarding the salary conditions, bullying and violation of alcohol policy is not to be reported in the whistleblower system, but must be reported to the relevant manager or the HR-department.


If you wish to make sure you stay anonymous, you need to comply with the following:

  • If possible, do not report from a PC that has been issued by your employer.
  • Do not use a PC that is connected to the internet on your work place.
  • Access the whistle blower system by typing the address directly in your browser instead of following a link.
  • Do not write any personal information that can identify you.
Secure postbox

When you have made your report, a secure postbox will be created along with a password that will be presented to you, after your report.

With the password, you can view the status of the report, se responses from the investigator and provide further information to the investigator.

All communication is solely based on the information you report. By using the postbox, you can stay anonymous while you communicate with the investigator.